Espace Big Bang


Nouveau groupe de curation

bigbang is an Offspace founded in Sierre in 2019. The association’s aim is to showcase – in an experimental and independent context – the work and artistic projects of emerging artists. The space is located in the Sacoche building, close to Sierre’s old town and other cultural associations.


Once a year, the committee and members of bigbang meet at the Annual General Meeting to select the winners of the next curatorial residency.

The chosen candidates will program the activities that will take place at bigbang over a ten-month opening season.


We are delighted to present the winners of the open call for the 2023-2024 curatorial residency: 


Ma Neveu, Elias Würsten, Anica Lora Nižić, Florian Kaspar Rubin, Martin Baus

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