Curatorial residency

in bigbang exhibition space

send your application to


21st June 2024

1) What

10-month curatorial residency at espace bigbang. Carte blanche for programming exhibitions and cultural events in the space.

2) Who can apply

Artists, groups of artists, curators, collectives and others are invited to apply!

3) Who are we

The bigbang association was set up in 2019 as a not-for-profit organisation and has been running the bigbang exhibition space ever since. From 2023 onwards, every 10 months, the association’s committee will organise a curatorial open call.

The committee will be exclusively responsible for managing the association’s administration and funds, and will ensure that the scale of artists’ fees is respected. It also gives the winners of the open call carte blanche to curate the space.

4) Selction criteria

Once a year, the committee and members of the bigbang association meet at the General Assembly to select the winners of the next curatorial residency.

We aim for high quality programming and an independent curatorial approach.

5) Founds available

Maximum budget: CHF 30,000

– CHF 10,000 per diem for the curators

– CHF 10,000 for guest artists’ fees

– CHF 9,000 for production costs

– CHF 1,000 for communication costs

6) Scale of charges

Prices in CHF

Solo exhibition: 1,000.-
2-person exhibition (per artist): 500.-
Group exhibition (3 – 5 artists, per artist): 250.-
Group exhibition (6+ artists, per artist): 150.-
Performance of an existing work: 300.-
Commissioned performance, new work: 600.-
Lecture or conference: 250.-

7) Content of your application

– The name of a main contact, an email address and CVs of the main protagonists.
– A written proposal of intentions (1 page).
– An outline of the programming schedule over the 10-month period, with examples of guest artists, giving their names and websites (or portfolio), please include a first draft of the budget.
– Please ensure that the proposal is succinct, legible and compiled in a single PDF file.

8) When

Start of the open call: 19th April 2024

Application deadline: 21st June 2024

Notification of decision: early July

Earliest project start date: 2nd September 2024

9) Who supports us

The bigbang association can count on the kind support of the ArtPro grant from the Wallis Canton, the Lotterie Romande and the City of Siders.

10) Additional information

Link to download the plan, photos of the space and specifications: here 🙂